kodera herb garden
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message from ceo

I believe herbs are gifts from nature that give us the opportunity to enjoy and to experience life at it’s fullest.

It was my father’s dream to establish a coffee shop that would encompass a relaxed and peaceful environment for customer to come and relieve their stress. However, he passed away and never saw his dream become reality. In 1985, I decided to open a restaurant to see my father’s dream come true. I travelled throughout the world seeking to find the best ingredients and inspiration to make my town Kodera-cho to become an attractive place to visit. While I was travelling in Europe I ran out of money and had no place to stay. I was fortunate to meet a warm-hearted farmer whom let me stay a night at his house and gave me a cup of chamomile tea. While I was drinking the tea, his daughter came to me and requested the tea leaves. I asked her, “What do you want to do with the leaves?” She answered, “I’ll put it in the hot bath and enjoy the wonderful scent.” Thereafter, I’ll return it back to the soil for fertilizer.

I impressed by her actions and feelings to take a good care of things were naturally inherited from an adult to a child. Also, I felt at that time that herbs had taught me their importance and gave me an inspiration to a great idea.

Since that day, I began to study and teach myself how to grow herbs and become familiar with the traditional use of herbs. I had finally gotten to the point now to be able to provide some of the best herbs to my customers.

During an exchange with a famous hotel chef, I was given the opportunity to provide him with my herbs to garnish the meals he had prepared. The herbs had complemented the meals with an elegant scent added to the aroma of the food.

A letter from a dear customer.
“I went to the hospital this morning, and my doctor told me that I was not in good health. I suddenly remembered your place and decided to stop by to eat. I ate a great meal and had a cup of warm herbal tea, which made feel relaxed. As soon as I recover from my illness, I plan to return with my daughters to have a good time and make the time memorable. The purple flower I can feel it’s healing me and so I wanted to take home with me. I hope your place will remain a peaceful and relaxed place to visit always.

our company mission

  • We want to communicate with each customer face to face, one on one, and to help solve their health issues with the use of our herbs.

  • The “four season” is always important to us. We always want to make seasonal products that our customers can enjoy and benefit from.

  • We want to explain to our customers the importance of handmade products. To provide an environment where mothers and their daughters can learn to cook herb dishes together. To enjoy having a conversation through the use of herbs, and to spend quality time together. I believe that herbs can provide a good communication forum between people.

  • Herbs have been traditionally used for a very long time as a part of life. We want to provide a life experience environment which people enjoy the benefits of natural herbs instead of taking the advantage of today’s modern artificial conveniences.

  • The natural scents of herbs protect themselves from their insect enemies as it has been well evidence during the insect breeding season. We, human beings, have our own scent in our life and it’s our company’s hope that everyone to know the gifts of nature and to be able to appreciate them.

  • We want to make our store a place where our customers can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

  • We believe that herbs can pull out the resistance of illness and provide natural healing abilities for people to experience to keep them healthy.

  • We grow herbs without fertilizer or pulling out weeds due to the decrease in the herbs’ scent. We cultivate our herbs naturally to bring out the natural ability of each herb potential.

  • The idea that local products are produced and consumed between the locals is important to us. We believe in the local community support to help sustain natural farming and good health through the ability given by herbs.
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