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Yuzu is a popular citrus fruit in Korea and Japan. A present study showed that yuzu can reduce the risk of some cancers and cardiovascular disease, and this may be attributable to the antioxidant activity of vitamins and phenolic compounds. There was a highly linear relationship between the vitamin C content and the total antioxidant activity in both peel and flesh of yuzu, suggesting that vitamin C plays a key role in the antioxidant activity of yuzu.

Yuzu has been a part of traditional winter bathing ritual, used as a scent in fragrance and bath products. The whole fruits are floated in steaming baths at winter solstice or "Toji" to ward off illnesses such as flu and colds in the coming year. The tart aroma and bright yellow color energize and fortify the body for the cold weather. According to Mintel Beauty Innovation, it can be also used as both skin care and makeup categories. Today, yuzu peel extracts and yuzu oil are appearing as active ingredients in launches that highlight the sparkling fruit’s naturally energizing, toning and brightening properties. Yuzu peel extracts are found in Age Defying Spa Foundation, an antiaging makeup to revitalize and brighten skin, introduced by Revlon in the U.S.

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