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Jojoba Oil 100ml

Hypoallergenic oil which is non-greasy and an excellent skin moisturizer. In addition, Jojoba Oil is harder to oxidize than other oils so it penetrates and blends well with the skin.
Recommended for sensitive or dry skin. You can use our Jojoba Oil for anywhere on your body, even for scalp massage.

Rose Water 100ml

Rose water is the hydrosol portion distilled from rose petals and usually used as facial lotion to moisturize your skin and provides gentle scent. Also recommended for people whose skin temporarily becomes red or tanned due to over exposure to the sun.

Honey Mask 180g

The Manuka flowers in East Cape of New Zealand produce our Manuka honey. Our honey mask is a blend of Manuka honey and Jojoba oil which is hypoallergenic oil as well as an excellent skin moisturizer.
After facial wash, apply evenly on entire face. After a few minutes, rinse face with warm or cold water.

Herbal Cream

Herbal Cream 7.5g

【Natural Ingredients】
Jojoba Oil, Bee Wax, Shea Butter and Herbal Essence


Natural clear cream with herbal complex keeps your skin healthy and clean looking. Recommend for partial skin care.

Skin care

Natural skin cream with herbal complex that’s good for rough dry skin.
Natural moisturizing cream for rough dry skin after domestic work or play.


Natural refreshing cream with aromatherapy scent. Apply a small around your nose.


Natural moisturizing cream with herbal complex for daily use. Can be used as a base for makeup.
Gentle fresh lemon scent.

Lip stick

Apply a small amount, product covers easily on lips.

Massage Oil for hands and feet  60ml

Our massage oil, a blend of herbal essences to relieve both emotional and physical fatigue. Recommended for people with poor blood circulation. Apply to your fatigue body parts after you bath or shower.

After shower formula

After shower formula 55ml

Blend of herbal essence which detoxifies your skin and body. You’ll love its refreshing herbal scent. Add 4~5 drops to warm bath water or to make a foot bath, add 2~3 drops to a soaking bowl with warm water.


A refreshed scent like a mint spreads.


A scent like an orange spreads.

Herbal Shampoo 400ml

Our eco-friendly shampoo is made from only natural ingredients with betaine, an amino acid. After washing your hair with our herbal shampoo, you’ll experience hair that’s been revitalized, moisturized, healthy looking and manageable. Recommended for dry hair and people with dry scalps.



Our repair hair shampoo formula which has great results to dry and damaged hair.


Our lavender shampoo makes your hair and scalp feel refreshed and healthy. Recommended for people who have an active life style or live in hot weather conditions.

Herbal Soap

Our natural additive-free soap which is hand crafted with homemade blend of natural herbs. Can be used for your face, entire body and even clothes, or dish washing.


A gentle and silky smooth soap for sensitive skin.


Moisturizing soap for normal to dry skin. Our Rosemary soap is best used during the winter months to prevent the common dry skin.

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